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Spend Two Days with Tom Basso and Laurens Bensdorp at the Luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada


Near Malaga, Spain

Dear Friends,

Over the last 20 years, I’ve consistently and safely earned two or three times the index annual averages using principles I developed trading multiple automated trading systems that work in bull-bear and sideways markets 
You might know Tom Basso’s from his books “Panic Proof Investing”, “The Frustrated Investor”, or from his leadership on the board of the National Futures Association. 

He was also profiled as one of the world’s top traders in the best-selling book “The New Market Wizards” where he earned the nickname “Mr. Serenity”, for his revolutionary ideas about investment psychology.
I know him as a friend, colleague and brilliant trader...and now you have the opportunity to get to know him as well, in an intimate two-day workshop I’m hosting with him in Las Vegas this fall.

On September 25 and 26th, Tom and I will be hosting twelve investors like yourself at an elite, private suite in the luxurious Four Seasons hotel.

On Friday, the 25th, I’m going to share with you how to develop a high-performing, low-risk trading strategy built around your lifestyle, your experience, and your risk tolerance.

That afternoon, Tom is going to review how to choose the right buy/sell engines for your portfolio out of the thousands of different ways to trade, so you can choose the perfect engine for your lifestyle and portfolio.

Friday night: Dinner at Alain Ducasse's elegant restaurant Rivea with a rooftop view of Las Vegas, one of Las Vegas’ top restaurants for the participant and one guest. Dinner is on us!

On Saturday morning, I’m going to show you how to effectively diversify your strategy with multiple, non-correlated systems, so you’ll never worry again about what direction the market is going.
The twelve investors in attendance will also receive three trading systems with a combined, back-tested average annual return of over 40% since 1995 (and with half the risk and drawdown of the S&P 500).

Tom will show you precisely which instruments you should trade (based on your personality, volume, goals and risk tolerance), as well as how to live a life of serenity, discipline, and peace regardless of what’s happening with your portfolio (or the world).

Over lunch and breaks on both days, you will have the opportunity to ask Tom and me anything you want about our trading philosophy and experience, or about your personal goals and portfolio.

Attendees will also get free copies of our latest books as well as a copy of Tom’s “Trading Tools for Excel”.

The suite I’ve arranged for us is over-the-top luxurious and designed for intimate gatherings, so there is only room for 12 attendees. I’m hoping you will be one of those 12.
An in-person seminar at a luxury hotel like this with two of the world’s most successful traders could easily be valued at $30,000...even $50,000. In fact, I normally charge $15,000 per day for one on one training, and in that case, you would also need to fly to beautiful Spain, where I live most of the year.

But neither Tom nor I want to figure out just how much the market will ‘bear’. 

Instead, I want to find a handful of folks on my newsletter list who are ready and eager to transform their trading operations into the ranks of the world’s elite traders. 

Therefore, I’ve priced it as low as I possibly can, so virtually anyone can afford to attend.

The price of the two-day seminar is just $6,000. That includes all the talks by Tom and me, our proven, back-tested strategies, Q&A time, lunch on both days, and dinner on Friday night.

There are no ‘gotchas’. Whatever we can get through on Friday and Saturday is yours. We’ll hold nothing back.
Just so you know...I am sending an invitation out to hundreds of folks who’ve bought my book or subscribed to my newsletter. Tom is sending an invitation out to his list as well. 

I expect the seats to fill up quickly... From last year's seminar's waiting list, we already filled 8 slots, so  there are only 4 chairs left to fill!  

So if you’ve been thinking about taking your trading to the next level, if you’ve always wanted to have an elite investor looking over your shoulder, designing a trading strategy that fits you, this is your opportunity.

In fact, for the first few people who register, I’m going to knock $1,000 off from the purchase price. I’ve talked to some of you in person over the years and I know how you can be excited about an opportunity and yet still hesitate, out of uncertainty about the opportunity, and I know how a temporary discount can help ‘seal the deal’. (It’s that way with trading sometimes, isn’t it?)

So to recap, if you join us in Las Vegas, you’ll get:
  • ​ A personal profile with a trading strategy built around your lifestyle, risk tolerance and goals
  • ​Clarity over who you are as a trader and instructions on how to build a stress-free trading operation 
  • ​A review of the thousands of buy/sell engines and which ones are best for you
  • ​The benefits of combining multiple, non-correlated systems to diversify your strategy, so you can profit in any market
  • ​Three equity trading systems with a back-tested annual return of more than 40% since 1995
  • ​Instructions on sizing positions and why this is more important over the long run regardless of whether you’re buying or selling
  • ​How to create a portfolio strategy based on your frequency of trading, your capital, your risk tolerance and your personality
  • ​The mental side of trading, accountability, self-awareness, discipline and managing emotions
  • ​A strategy checklist
  • ​Free copies of Laurens’ and Tom’s latest books and tools
  • ​Several daily breaks and Q&A sessions
  • ​Lunch with Laurens and Tom on both days
Plus a fantastic dinner... paid for by yours truly.

All of this for just $6,000 (or $5,000 if you're one of the first few to sign up).
If you’ve read this far and click on the ‘reserve’ button and get a message that says I’ve already filled the seminar, I apologize. Send me an email and I will put you on the standby list, in the event someone has to cancel.

The fourteen of us are going to learn a great deal about trading, we’re going to make some new friends and we’re going to have a great time. I think it would be a bargain at twice the price!

I hope you will join us.

Be safe, and happy trading!

Laurens Bensdorp
Trading Mastery School

P.S. I just got a question from one prospective attendee who asked about future seminars. To be honest...I don’t know. Last year we offered it and it was sold out within 48 hours, and although it’s possible we’ll do it again there are no plans to do so at this time.

P.S. 2: The 4 remaining slots may go quickly, so if you have a interest, click the button!